Ask the author

Hello everyone,

I'm Maria and I'm the author of Real World.
When writing Real World my aim was to get students to reflect on the concept and significance of culture.
Culture, I believe, is an integral part of language learning.
But what exactly is it? Culture, at least as I see it, is a way of life.
It is an accepted set of social norms and system of beliefs.
It is also a shared memory: the history, stories, traditions and experiences of a people or group of peoples.
It may belong to one area or ethnic group or several countries.
It may encompass a religion or way of life.
In today's world, where national borders and population are constantly being redefined, understanding culture is essential for effective communication and is the basis for overcoming prejudice and discrimination.
In Real World as students discover new cultures they are continuously encouraged to reflect on their own local culture.
This increased intercultural awareness allows them to create their own strategies for understanding and learning.
I found researching and writing Real World a rewarding and enriching experience, as well as an extremely enjoyable and motivating one.
I hope that you enjoy reading and working through it.
Write to me and share your ideas and suggestions.

With best wishes,