About Real World

Real World is a great new culture course for Secondary School students of English. Real World is based on multi-cultural communication and understanding and follows the guidelines set out in the Common European Framework for Languages and the European Language Portfolio.

Why Culture?

Culture is an integral part of language learning. Understanding culture is essential for effective communication and co-operation and is the basis for overcoming prejudice and discrimination. Real World takes students on an exciting and enriching journey throughout the English-speaking world where they learn about new cultures while gaining a deeper insight into their own one.

    About Real World

Real World is divided into 12 self-contained modules each dealing with a specific country or area in the English-speaking world.
In each module there are 3 routes – Identity, Lifestyles and Issues.
A fourth route – Arts – features throughout the modules and uses examples from literature, popular music and the visual arts to illustrate the chosen topic.
Skills Station, at the end of each module, develops the students reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and helps prepare them for the PET and Trinity exams.

  Using Real World

Real World is suitable for all teaching and learning styles and can be explored by:

* Working through the 12 Modules
* Choosing one of the 3 Routes (Identity - Lifestyles - Issues)
* Following the suggested links both within the book and on the website.
    Language and Real World

The activities in Real World follow the descriptors of the Common European Framework, bringing the students to the beginning of level B2. The language is suitable for grammar revision and vocabulary improvement. And activities focus on personal reflection and production as well as promoting co-operative learning.

    Language Portfolio

Students can create their own magazine, My World, for their language portfolio. Free downloadable templates tie-in with each module and allow students to build their personal page-by-page account of their own world and culture.

The Real World Student's Audio CD has a variety of original and featured listening texts, drama and poetry.

The Real World Teacher's Audio CD includes 6 songs and the reading of all the literary texts presented in the Student's book.


Real World has a wide variety of informative guided and authentic texts chosen to appeal to teen readers. The Teacher's Guide includes complete lesson notes and photocopiable activity and portfolio pages.

Link to the Real World Website to download the Portfolio project, My World. There are also lots of extra games and activities as well as fun stickers and stencils.